Vocal Ready Music


Vocal Ready Music is music tracks already created for vocal singers to record their voices to. Sell copies royalty free for income! Option to sell on our website also!

What You Get:

* Ready made music track. Just Add Vocals!

* Multi-track files for individual input into your DAW software to EQ, add Effects, mixing, and prep for mastering. 

* Lyrics print out of the words to the Song.

* Demo vocal track 1. (Please don't critisize the demo singer. He or she is just showing you how the lyrics are applied to the song.) 

* Track 2 is where you record your singing voice to the song! (If you know you can crush it then buy it and record your voice to it at a local recording studio.)

* ONE YEAR & 6 MONTHS Royalty FREE status so you can make copies and sell the music with your vocal singing! Make as much as you want. You won't owe us a dime! Got your own band? You are free to reproduce my songs! Neil Lemon/Songwriter and owners of all songs on this website.

GET STARTED NOW! By visiting the VIDEO Page and pick a song! 


Make Your Project A Success With Chorus Harmony!

Be your own chorus backup with this unit at your local Guitar Center or on Ebay




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