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You Have My Heart Mix and Multitrack Files

Vocal Ready Music is music tracks already created for vocal singers to record their voices to. Sell copies royalty free for income! Option to sell on our website also!

NOTE: Artist may reproduce the music tracks if they so desire to the level of quality they need at their own expense. So you are not limited to just my music tracks.

What You Get:

* Ready made music track. Just Add Vocals!

* Lyrics print out of the words to the Song.

* Demo vocal track 1. (Please don't critisize the demo singer. He or she is just showing you how the lyrics are applied to the song.) 

* Track 2 is where you record your singing voice to the song! (If you know you can crush it then buy it and record your voice to it at a local recording studio.)

* ONE YEAR and Six Months Royalty FREE status so you can make copies and sell the music with your vocal singing! Make as much as you want. You won't owe us a dime!


NOTE: Songs are copyright protected and may not be used by anyone who have not purchased from this store page. Vocal Ready Music is focused toward the unsigned artist/vocal singers and musicians, and are given the royalty free status upon purchase of my songs from THIS store page for one full year from the date of purchase. Group musicians must retain the marketing and sales of my songs as a music band group only. Individual members from a music band with royalty free status cannot have solo projects with my songs without their solo purchase of my song from this store page.  

Record labels and artists signed to record labels are subject to the normal performance rights royalty system. 

Digital download is the format that you will get. CD disk with lyrics is an option for persons inside the United States and Canada only. Labeling, packaging, and shipping cost will apply. (PLEASE LOOK FOR THE CD DISKS ON THE STORE PAGE AND SELECT IT).  STORE PAGE PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE.


ROYALTY FREE STATUS NOW FOR RECORD LABELS FOR ONE YEAR AFTER PURCHASE! After one year from purchase, record labels and artists signed to record labels are subject to the normal performance rights royalty system.

I've expanded my royalty free original songs to record labels as well for ONE YEAR. Unsigned Female Artists or unsigned Male Artists are given ONE YEAR and six months. Song files come mixed and multi-track so you can edit more cleanly and add effects. It's up to you. Lyrics are included. 




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